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Artificial Intelligence Analysis of Migration Intention Opinion Surveys

The aim of this project is to analyse surveys carried out in Guatemala to find out the migration intentionality of its population. The methodology used facilitates in-depth knowledge of the reality represented by the answers to the questionnaires, constituting an instrument for aiding decision-making with respect to the migratory intention of the Guatemalan population derived from the economic, social and political situation.

The research is oriented towards the identification of respondent profiles, characterising each respondent statistically. In this way it is possible to group respondents according to whether or not they share certain situations or realities indicated in their answers. The methodology used, based on Artificial Intelligence, allows the desired number of profiles to be selected, using quantitative and qualitative tools in order to obtain the best possible knowledge. These profiles are statistically characterised and the robustness of the methodology used can be quantitatively evaluated, as well as being useful for the design, orientation and focus of specific action strategies according to the needs and specificity of each of the groups of respondents identified.