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DATAface. Análisis Estadístico Avanzado sobre Perfiles de Hogar Beneficiarios del Proyecto ALCANCES I y II

El objetivo de esta consultoría es efectuar análisis estadísticos avanzados y aplicar técnicas de Inteligencia Artificial mediante Mapas Autoorganizados (SOM) a partir de BBDD proporcionadas por Acción contra el Hambre, generadas por la implementación de los proyectos BHA ALCANCES I y II y Central America Multi-Hazard Early Warning (CAMHEW) en diferentes puntos de Centroamérica. 

Activities carried out:

  • Review of specialised literature related to the characterisation of households and/or territories according to food security criteria, as well as the measurement of the impact of programmes and projects that have an impact on food security. 
  • Review of the databases generated by the BHA ALCANCES I and II projects, in the framework of the baseline, post monitoring and final baseline studies and additional databases such as those provided by WFP, GALLUP and ACH ECHO, which will help to establish FNS household profiles.
  • Different types of analysis will be applied to define typologies or profiles of households with different degrees of food security (FNS). 
  • Permanent exchange of information with the focal points designated by Action Against Hunger, in order to resolve doubts, assess different options for analysis, preliminary results, etc.
  • Report(s) in interactive Power BI format with statistical analysis generated, including methodological review applied, most relevant results, brief discussion, graphs, tables and diagrams that help to understand the methodological aspects and results. The information system will allow the establishment of Guatemalan and Central American FNS profiles based on databases such as GALLUP and ACH as a reference in which to insert the FNS situation of the target population of the ALCANCES projects; of the beneficiaries of ALCANCES I and II.