Technical Assistance in the Pre-competitive Research Project of the University of Granada's Own Plan.

This research aims to study the groupings of neighbourhoods in the region of Andalusia, called profiles, around concepts of urban sustainability and quality of life, focusing on understanding all the symptomatology of obsolescence in these neighbourhoods, in order to discover common or singular realities as a whole.

The main objective is to facilitate the implementation of urban renewal actions based on common problems existing in each group of neighbourhoods studied. The methodology presents an integral approach, allowing the definition of neighbourhood groupings around the sustainable lifestyles of these urban realities, based on similarities, while at the same time allowing the definition of the unique information of each neighbourhood, i.e. the elements that make it unique.

In order to carry out the project, the territorial scope of the research was delimited by means of territorial characterisation based on secondary data available in institutional databases, a design and prototyping of primary data was carried out with the specification and definition of the primary data necessary for the socio-economic-spatial qualification of the area of study and, finally, the operational scope of the project was delimited.

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