One of our premises is development, which is why we are fully interested in and committed to contribute to the creation, modification or renovation of public infrastructures that ultimately benefit the State and society. The projects we carry out are developed by our team of experts in Civil Engineering and in Architecture and Urban Planning, some of them being Doctors of Architecture and Urban Planning Researchers at the University of Granadausing the most avant-garde techniques.

In particular, we carry out studies related to water supply and sanitation networks, the viability of the location of industrial or logistics and transport areas based on economic, environmental and social alternatives that favour the development of rural areas, we analyse the viability of the construction and operation of railway infrastructures for the connection by train of areas that until now have not been connected, or maritime infrastructures such as industrial ports or marinas that require structural changes to improve their activity; two of our most prominent projects are the Feasibility Study for the Granada Motril train and the Feasibility Study for the Construction of the new Sports Marina in the Port of Motril. Ground studies also form part of the projects we undertake, as we help companies and institutions to understand the composition of the land and its possibilities for the implementation of facilities.

All our infrastructure projects aim to improve the social, economic and territorial situation of the areas in which they are carried out, taking high account of climate impact minimisation and adaptation in its realisation by implementing infrastructures through environmentally friendly processes in line with the policies of sustainable development of the territories and green infrastructure.

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This page contains images of NASA Earth Observatory and THIS Copernicus Sentinel who have been treated for GIS4tech

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