Technical documentation for Enrollment as a Historical Heritage in the Catalog of the Andalusian Historical Heritage of the Hermitages of Córdoba

In this project commissioned by the Territorial Delegation of Cordoba of the counseling of Culture and Historical Heritage of Andalusia, we prepared the needed technical documents for the registration of the Hermitages of Cordoba in the general catalog of the andalusian historical heritage as a palce of cultural interest in the monument category. Currently, this set consists of 13 shrines located around a central core composed of a church and the dependencies of the Carmelite Fathers.

In order to be admitted in this catalog, the complex of the Hermitages must collect a series of certain characteristics,fullfill several requirements and be technically evaluated. Some of the requirements are the following ones:

– Be a historical set relevant for its historical, archaeological, palaeontological, artistic, ethnological, industrial, scientific, social or technical interest.

– Be propierties of the Andalusian Ethnological Heritage linked to ways of life, culture, activities, and ways of production typical of Andalusia.

The document emphasizes that the location of the hermitages called Desierto de Nuestra Señora de Belén, located in a natural environmment in the foothills of Sierra Morena, has a high historical content of as it was inhabited in the seventeenth century by hermits and is a reference to the landscape of córdoba. In addition, the architectural complex created represents the material expression of the ways of life that illustrate the hermitism. In the present, the complex has acquired connotations that have given another meaning to the place, holding representative social value for the citizens of Córdoba, expressed in the opening of the complex of the Chapels to the development of social, cultural and touristical uses due to the historical and artistic interest of the buildings that make up the set as well as the movable property that is preserved in its interior.

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