Territorial Feasibility Study of the Railway Connection Granada-Motril Harbour

This study of alternatives sought to evaluate the feasibility of the rail link between Granada and the Motril Harbour along with its integration with the Mediterranean Corridor and the Trans-European Transport Network as well as to consolidate the current boom of the harbour and its hinterland within the state port system and take advantage of the large flow of freight and passengers that runs between the capital and the coastal city.

The obtention of the different alternatives has been carried out from the information processing using Geographic Information Systems to know the capacities of the territory versus the railway line and the detailed design of the lines according to technical parameters for obtaining a valid alternative (Environmental, Social, or Economic) for every corridor raised. To do this we carried out a multicriteria evaluation of the three alternatives through an Analytical Hierarchical Process, performing a weighting of importance of criteria and sub-criteria of each of them according to the Saaty Scale, facilitating the decision-making based on all the factors considered. Of the three alternatives proposed, the measured as more favorable based on the defined criteria and according to this analysis was the Environmental Alternative  oriented to minimize the damage to the environment.

The feasibility of the proposal, without a doubt, comes from understanding its social scope as a dynamic element in areas that have a great economical and social potential coming from solvent and competitive infrastructures.

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