Study of Alternatives for the Execution of MTB Circuits in the Valle del Guadiato Region.

MTB circuits pursue objectives related to the tourist and sport activity, protection of the environment and mobility. That is something of interest for the European organisms that have spent years seeking the way to promote the economic activity of the rural areas and to preserve the quality of life of its inhabitants so this type of "soft" sport activities should provide the appropriate support for an alternative and eco-friendly tourism development that is highly-demanded lately by people and also benefit the use of infrastructure that have been unused or obsolete.

So that in this project we develop a Study of Alternatives for the creation of a network of Mountain Bike that tour and connect the municipalities in the Valle del Guadiato region of Belmez, Espiel Fuente Obejuna, La Granjuela, Los Blázquez, Obejo, Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, Valsequillo, Villaharta, Villanueva del Rey, Villaviciosa de Córdoba, and other circuits, taking advantage of their several touristic, historical, patrimonial, cultural and landscape interest areas. The alternatives were designed based on the principles and the above-mentioned features and gathering information of the area to study how to reconcile the path with public roads, forest tracks and footpaths. We identified the objectives and scope of the project and evaluated the potential demand, the potential of connectivity, the suitability of the Mountain BIike routes, the presence of of agro-environmental and cultural values. We also defined the different alternatives for the path by the use of Geographic Information Systems and applying the Andalusian Federation of Cycling method to assess the technical and physical difficulties of the routes, allowing users to choose them based on their capabiities and motivation.

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