Support to the Sampling and Identification of Communities and Municipalities for the Study of Migratory Causes in Guatemala.

In this project, commissioned by the NGO Action Against Hunger and funded by Catholic Relief Services the irregular migration intention of inhabitants of rural communities in Guatemala to the United States was studied and its relationship with socio-economic, educational, dietary and health characteristics.

Our participation consisted of the provision of support to the research sample designThe data was collected by assembling databases at the municipality and community level, homogenising and cleaning data and incorporating 16-year census information, living areas and data on projects, partners and number of participants of the NGO Catholic Relief Services in the projects in the area. This data was reflected visually by producing the following thematic cartographies:

These mappings show, by zones, the different humanitarian projects being developped in Guatemala conducted by Catholic Relief Services based on livelihood zones, which are areas within which people share similar livelihood patterns and in which the field research for the migration study was developped.

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