Detailed Study of the Characterisation of the Soil for Subsequent Remediation Actions in Parcel SUNC-0-L0.17 of Repsol, Malaga.


The project consisted of the preparation of a technical report for the detailed study of the characterisation of the land in the SUNC-0-L0.17 plot in Malaga city.

This was carried out to eliminate possible uncertainties about the behaviour of the subsoil, as well as to validate data on soil quality based on its contamination for the subsequent risk analysis and execution of the remediation project, all oriented towards the future uses contemplated in the urban development of the plot in the General Urban Development Plan of Malaga (PGOU).

Cartographies were obtained of the depth of the water table in relation to the ground, of soils requiring action above and below the water table, and the presence of hydrocarbons was studied by obtaining 3-dimensional images.

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