1.5D Hydraulic Study and Flood Mapping, Municipal District of Huétor Santillán (Granada), Plot 154, Polygon 4, next to A-92.


This project consisted of a flood study and an assessment of the condition of calculation of the four channels that run in the surroundings of the Pet Cemetery in the town of Huétor Santillán, Granada and taking into account the cliffs nearby. These small-scale channels are crossed transversely by the A-92 motorway, for which it were constructed two works of passage.

To produce the report we used the software HEC-RAS v.4.1 and ArcGIS v.10.5 with the HEC Geo-RAS extension. The results determined the flood areas of these channels and the condition of the pet cemetery. The obtained data led to determine that the projected works and the scope of the study are located outside of the flood zones with return periods of 5.5, 100 and 500 years.

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