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Technical Assistance for the Geospatial Analysis of the Tourism Information Systems Segittur

El crecimiento de la demanda de servicios de análisis de la información turística, así como el aumento del número y perfiles que acceden a los datos turísticos, hace necesario potenciar la difusión de los datos a través de las herramientas geoespaciales e infografías dinámicas que permitirán potenciar y facilitar la comprensión del análisis de los datos y sus indicadores.

The goal is to count on with 9 cases of use of operation data Analysis of the tourism sector through geospatial tools and dynamic infographics.

The object of this contract comprises the provision of a service of technical assistance to support the geospatial analysis of data from the tourism sector tjrough the different information systems of SEGITTUR.

Specifically, the services that are needed are at least the following ones:

  1. Identification of the 9 most relevant and actual use cases in relation to the tourism sector data.
  2. Realization of research works, identification of data sources and data collection for each of the nine use cases to perform.
  3. Analysis of the external data available to contextualize what is occurring in the context of each of the nine use cases to perform.
  4. Identification and use of the predictive model that best approximates to the problem to be approached in each of the use cases, so that it can be predicted the evolution of the indicators of each of the nine use cases to perform.
  5. Realization of nine cases of use of analysis of the touristic information including a descriptive report as well as the operation of the specific data of an specific use case through geospatial tools.
  6. Development of a dynamic infographic for each of the nine use cases.

The use cases will be selected by SEGITTUR of agreement with the successful bidder, being at least one of the cases referred to a smart tourist destination to be selected by SEGITTUR and the rest of them at national or regional level relative to the tourism sector.

The use cases will focus on some of the following topics:

  1. Sustainability in tourism.
  2. Emptied Spain. Rural tourism.
  3. Online marketing in tourism. OTAs
  4. Tourist housing. Shared hosting.
  5. Movilidad turística.
  6. Gasto de turistas.
  7. Seasonality in the tourism sector.
  8. Forecast demand (flights, hotels, tourist homes, etc).
  9. Turismo y salud.