GIS Training & R&D

Research and Development (R&D) are essential elements for the operation of our company and for the efficiency of the services we offer because we are a Spin-Off of the University of Granada belonging to the research group «Research Cluster on Territorial Synergies»(RNM034)(1),  and part of our team is Teaching and Research Staff of the University of Granada.We research and apply Emerging Information Technologies and offer training, dissemination and support services for the enhancement of the theoretical and practical knowledge of Geographic Information Systems, focusing on both the academic and professional communities.

The cientific research developed by our team through the University of Granada are published in national and international journals and scientific magazines of great reputation, especially those related to data, Artificial Intelligence, land use planning, urban planning and architecture. In addition, this allows us to employ the latest and most innovative techniques in our projects and thus applying Research and Development (R&D) results to the world of business or public administration.

On the other hand, because of the academic basis on which our company is based, we are strong advocates of open information, the use of free software (such as QGIS) and the dissemination of knowledge, we therefore offer training adapted to both basic and advanced levels and oriented to the different sectors in which we work.

Applications of our Research and Development (R&D) projects

GIS Development for the
Geospatial Analysis

GIS training level
Basic and Advanced

Technological Support to
Research Groups

Customised Courses for Companies, Professional
Professionals, Universities and Public Administrations

Transfer of Research Results
through Scientific Publications

Pillars of Research and Development at GIS4tech

Esquema explicativo del funcionamiento y las bases del la Investigación y Desarrollo en GIS4tech

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