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Interview with the Spin-Off GIS4tech

After obtaining the second prize in the 7th University Entrepreneurship Competition We had the pleasure of meeting the Gis4Tech team and chatting for a while with the team.


- Tell us about your project.

- GIS4tech Sistemas de Información Geográfica aplicados a la Ingeniería y al Urbanismo, S.L. is dedicated to technical assistance, advice, training, research and development supported by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related technologies, focused on the sectors of Engineering and Urbanism.

- How did the idea come about?

- The original idea of setting up the spin-off came from Professor Emilio Molero of the Department of Urban and Territorial Planning (DUOT), a specialist in GIS, in contact with a former student, who had also specialised in GIS with a postgraduate degree, Engineer Jorge Hernández, who already had professional experience in a Civil Engineering Consultancy, and who wished to work as a freelancer. For its constitution we were integrated by professors Alejandro L. Grindlay from the School of Civil Engineering, and Francisco Abarca and Sergio Campos from the School of Architecture, all from DUOT and members of a Research Group.

- What was the first step you took?

- In addition to looking at the possibilities of setting up the company and its business model, in the initial stages the support of the Office for the Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) of the University of Granada (UGR) has been fundamental.

The OTRI detects and valorises R&D in order to market it to companies and entities all over the world. It is integrated in the Vice-rectorate for Research and Transfer of the UGR, whose activities are aimed at: UGR researchers, to add value to their knowledge in the socio-economic environment, companies creating a strategic relationship with the University to strengthen their organisation and entrepreneurs from the university community for the creation of spin-offs, as in our case.

The company was finally incorporated in December 2016 and started its activity in April 2017. During this period, the company was in an "incubation" stage with the help of the OTRI, and the Business Plan and the Economic and Financial Analysis were being prepared.

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The information in this news item has been obtained from UGR Emprendedora